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Tara Massouleh

  Tara Massouleh Associate Editor, Birmingham Magazine Tara Massouleh is a native of Birmingham, but she never had a first-hand appreciation for Birmingham until she went to work for Birmingham (Magazine). Now she’s something of a spokesperson for all things Birmingham. “Growing up in Hoover, I never really went downtown. I didn't understand the city…

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Randall Porter

RANDALL PORTER How many people do you know who make a living just being themselves? Meet Randall Porter, Brand Strategist and Style Enthusiast. “I’ve always been drawn to fashion, and I’ve always found it easy to connect with other people. Now it’s what I do for a living. Looking back, my career has really been…

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Lydia Dick

Lydia Dick / Director, UAB Anvil Can do. Will do. Done.   Opera singer, pianist, budding songwriter, painter and, increasingly, a force in Birmingham’s emerging-entrepreneur scene; it could be reasonably stated that Lydia Dick is constitutionally incapable of boredom. “I grew-up on a Christmas tree farm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My father’s a scientist with…

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Henry Waller

Henry Waller — Guitar Teacher / Shipt Shopper Roads less traveled. Henry Waller is not the type to call attention to himself. Particularly in interviews. His answers to standard “tell me about yourself” questions (which tend to run toward “Yes,” “No” and “Hmmm”) might just tempt you to conclude there isn't much to tell. So…

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Mariam Ladhani

Mariam Ladhani Field Services Engineer | Alabama Power   I can do that! Mariam Ladhani will tell you, she’s the kind of person who loves to be challenged. “Part of the reason comes from watching my parents overcome their own challenges when I was younger. They were both born in Pakistan. My father moved to…

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Ashlee Ammons — President / Co-Founder of Mixtroz Can We Talk? For Ashlee, the answer to the question above is Yes. A big Yes. She comes by it naturally. Mixtroz co-founder Kerry Schrader, Ashlee’s mother, has always had a larger-than-life way about her. Ashlee offers a story to illustrate: “In the 1980s, my Mom was…

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